2 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips You Can Follow Today

  1. Make the most of the feature called Lifetime Value Lookalikes by building highly targeted audiences

Targeting Consumers through Facebook Advertising in Singapore is a highly effective way to create a target market. This audience goes a step ahead than using your customer core data like name and contact details and uses their purchase value to build even higher quality lookalike. For creating a Lifetime value lookalike audience, you need to begin with creating a Customer File Custom Audience with lifetime value. Then use this customer file custom audience as a source for your lookalike.

  1. Target the best audience with the split testing tool

This testing tool allows you to work with different versions of your ad to seek what is best for your future campaigns. At present, you need to create a split test that compares the four variables namely, Creative, Delivery optimization, Audience and Placement and five versions for each test. You can also create a split test for testing various audience and the effectiveness of Lookalikes with the different source audience. For creating an audience split test, you need to click on Create in your Ads Manager dashboard, then select your objective and make sure the split test box is chosen.