3 Common Business Naming Habits You Should Break Right Now

  1. Longer brand name is a turn off

Many companies overlook the importance of a short brand name. The shorter it is, catchier it becomes. But naming is not all, there are successful companies with longer names too. For instance, Forever 21 uses the keyword Forever to create a powerful impact.

  1. The name should represent the company in itself

The names should be like they explicitly express what your business is about and what you believe in to make lives convenient. For instance, SnapChat, Home Depot etc. But many experts believe that such an idea creates long company names which we are not rooting for. Descriptive names are best for the right business and must be considered, but there should always be options open to create more intriguing impacts. Many businesses name their marketing campaigns in Hong Kong in a unique way to create an intriguing impact as well.

  1. Use common English words

English is the most widely understood language and this is what people think of when starting to think of a business name. But it isn’t as feasible as before. Many of the names have been patented for very long. Markets have become very oversaturated. And since almost every name has been taken, it becomes hard to look for a unique company name. So look out for more strategies. No matter what path you take, review as many options available and find an intriguing one.