How to Project a Positive Business Image


It is very important to create and maintain a positive business image at all times, as people do pay attention to such details, and everyone wants to do business with a successful company. Major corporations put great importance to public relations, with entire departments that are tasked with creating the right image, and if you are thinking of setting up your own business, here are some tips to create the right business image.

  • Virtual Office Services – Your business address tells potential customers a lot about you and your organisation, and with virtual offices in Sydney in the CBD, you can have a prestigious business address for a very affordable cost. The provider would have a range of packages ranging from renting the address to virtual receptionist services, and you can also hire a plush meeting room if you are to meet a potential client.
  • Review all Forms of Communication – Everything that you put out should be carefully reviewed; brochures, your website and any form of communication your company publishes. Your letterhead, for example, should use the best quality paper, and hiring a copy writer to create quality text is a great idea.
  • Virtual Receptionist Services – When a potential client calls your office number, rather than leaving a recorded message, why not engage the services of a virtual receptionist? The qualified receptionist would be remotely located, but even so, they guarantee to answer every call within 5 seconds, plus the receptionist would be fully briefed about your company and what you are about. The service is very flexible and you can instruct the remote receptionist to forward calls to your mobile number and take messages if required.
  • High Quality Business Cards – Your business card says a lot about you, and with a professional printer and a choice design, you can be sure that when you hand your card to someone, they will be suitably impressed.
  • Dressing the Part – We all judge people we meet in a business environment for the first time, and if you are meeting a new client, dress appropriately, which will do wonders for your image.

All of the above are great ways to ensure that your business has the right image, as this is a very important aspect, and you should always be aware of how you and your company are perceived by others. It can take many years to earn a good reputation, and with the Internet, you could lose that reputation in an instant.