How Unique Product Packaging Design Can Make A Difference To Your Business


When product packaging is done correctly, it’s able to benefit your bottom line and encourage more repeat business. The good news isn’t all that, even if you’ve got the best design people are still going to give you less sales than you need or want. From the time a person finds you on the internet, purchases something, and gets their first order, their opinion of your company determines the chances of them being a return customer. This is why creating the perfect package for your product can be so important.

If you’re looking for a unique packaging design that works for your product, then you have come to the right place. There are a number of different things that go into creating an effective package for your product, but the three main components that are most important are presentation, uniqueness, and content. This last portion is just as important as the other two but often gets overlooked. Many companies put a lot of thought into their marketing, but fail to deliver the key components to boost the potential of their campaign like finding and publishing their packaging design online. This is why social media and UGC marketing are so important for successful product packaging designs.

FabfitFun is an example of an effective product packaging design. Their product packaging designs have won so many awards because they use both creativity and simplicity, making their products stand out from the rest. Their product packaging itself is full of bright colors, easy to read, and designed in a way that emphasizes the main selling points. They take into consideration what customers like or dislike about each product and incorporate that into their product packaging design. For example, on their “How to Build Muscle” bottle, the pump is red, but the bottle itself is a bright blue. What this does is give you something that is useful, attractive, and comfortable to look at; all while promoting their business.

Unique packaging design is another aspect of product packaging design that make a company stand out from the crowd and allows them to distinguish themselves from competitors. When you get right down to it, if you don’t stand out, you’re not much of a company at all. By utilizing a unique packaging style like fabfitfun, you allow your product to stand out from the rest, making sure that you are memorable in the minds of your customers.

Social media is also another key component to effective packaging. Most companies these days have a social media presence, where they can connect with customers and showcase their products in a more personal way. One example of a successful social media campaign is the one that Nike used to launch their successful Nike+ fitness program. Here, Nike leveraged on the power of its social media page to create a viral marketing campaign that went far beyond simply posting pictures of their products on various sites. Instead, they allowed customers to upload pictures of themselves wearing their new Nike shoes, as well as sharing the different ways that they used their product.

Unique product packaging design is important, no matter what business you’re in. By keeping your product looking striking, letting people know about your unique branding, and using social media to promote your product, you’ll find that you will be able to increase the amount of sales that you receive. These are just a few ways that you can make use of these three components to give your products a powerful edge over your competition.